John R. Talbott
Bestselling Financial Expert Who Predicted the Collapse, the Housing Crash and the Global Economic Crisis

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John is a professor of Finance and Economics and is also a best-selling author whose nine books on economics and finance predicted the entire global financial crisis starting with The Coming Crash in the Housing Market published in 2003 and followed in February 2006 with his book, Sell Now! The End of the Housing Bubble.  He went on to write Contagion in 2008 that predicted that the subprime mortgage problems of the US would mutate and infect all markets worldwide, especially in Europe. His latest finance book, Survival Investing, was released last year.

Previously, John was an investment banker for Goldman Sachs where he specialized in corporate finance, M&A and leveraged buyouts.  At Goldman, he structured, financed and closed four of the ten largest transactions in the history of the firm.  John has acted as a financial advisor to some twenty Fortune 500 companies and numerous countries including Norway, Russia, Qatar, Botswana and Jordan.

John's seventy plus articles on economics and finance have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Herald Tribune, The Boston Globe, The New Republic, The Huffington Post and and he has appeared on television as a finance expert on CNBC, Fox News, CBS, MSNBC, Fox Business News and CSPAN and with Dylan Rattigan, Joe Scarborough, Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo and Larry Kudlow.

He was named a Visiting Scholar at UCLA's Anderson School of Business and has written and published peer-reviewed academic research articles on economic growth, emerging economies, inequality, democracy and AIDS prevention.  John is a structural engineer from Cornell University and holds an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School.

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